Alaska Corporation | IRA and 401K Business Financing


When you set up your own Alaska Corporation you will have the ability to directly control the investment of your retirement funds to….

  • Buy Start or Finance a business with no tax liability or penalties on your rollover
  • Use up to 100% of your funds from IRAs, 401(k)s, or other qualified Retirement Plans
  • Save thousands in financing costs
  • Pay yourself …and your family members…salaries and benefits
  • Use as an equity investment and in combination with other financing options, including SBA, Bank, and other types of loans
  • Tax defer your new business profits to a new retirement account

Filing Fee:

$250.00 – Alaska State Filing fee

Annual Requirements:

There is a biennual report due. The cost is $100. If you incorporate in an odd year (2005) then your first list will be due Jan 2nd, 2007 and every odd year thereafter. If you file in an even year (2006) then your first list will be due Jan 2nd, 2008 and every even year thereafter.

Late fee information
After February 1st, the tax and fee is $137.50 for a Corporation or a LLC.


Alaska Business Funding Plan Complete Setup


Alaska IRA and 401k Business Financing

We provide the following :

  • Setup of “C” Corporation in the State of Alaska*
  • Prepare and File the Articles of Incorporation with the State
  • Plan pre-approved by the IRS
  • Provide the Corporate Record Book including Stock Certificates, Minutes, Seals, Transfer Ledger and Binder
  • Obtain the EIN for Plan and Corporation from the IRS
  • Co-ordinate setup with an Qualified Plan Administrator**
  • 24/7 Customer Support

*Plus State Filing Fee ** Plus Administrator Fees


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Alaska IRA and 401k Business Financing

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