Connecticut Self Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control

A Connecticut Self Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control allows you to use your IRA and rollover 401k funds to make almost any type of investment such as real estate (including international real estate), tax liens, mortgages and trust deeds, precious metals, private equity, private lending and many other alternative investments without requiring the permission of your custodian.

State filing fee: $135

Annual requirements:

For corporations there is an initial report due within 30 days after incorporation. The cost is $75. For LLCs the cost is $10.

There is an annual report due each year in the anniversary month of the incorporation filing date. The cost for the annual report for corporations is $75 annually or $150 bi-annually. The annual filing fee for LLCs is $10.


Connecticut Self Directed IRA LLC Complete Setup

Self Directed IRA LLC

 We provide the following :

  • Setup the LLC in the State of Connecticut*
  • Prepare and File the Articles of Organization with the State
  • Provide a Customized Self Directed IRA LLC Operating Agreement
  • Provide the LLC Record Book including Membership Certificates, Minutes, Seals, Transfer Ledger and Binder
  • Obtain the EIN from the IRS
  • Co-ordinate setup with an IRS approved Custodian**
  • 24/7 Customer Support

*Plus State Filing Fee** Plus Custodian Fees

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