Self Directed IRA

Self Directed IRA is name given to an Individual Retirement Arrangement (commonly known as an IRA) that requires you as the account owner to make the investment decisions on behalf of your retirement plan.

Most banks and brokerage companies that provide IRA custodial services and advertise “Self-Directed IRA’s” will only allow you to “direct” your IRA into investment products that they offer. They will not allow you to make investments such as real estate or other alternative investments…this is not a truly self directed IRA.

A truly self directed IRA will allow you to make investment choices such as real estate (including international real estate), Mortgages and Trust Deeds, Private Equity, Tax Liens, Precious Metals, Oil & Gas, and much, much more.

Why a Self Directed IRA?

Are you seeking a safer investment alternative than the unpredictable and volatile stock market for your retirement funds?

Do you need to rollover a 401K plan from a previous job or due to retirement or employee buyout?

Would you like to use your IRA or 401k to make investments in real estate or other alternative investments?

Do you want to protect your retirement funds?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to know about the two incredible wealth building retirement account options that savvy and knowledgeable IRA and 401k Plan owners are using:

Self Directed IRA LLC

Self Directed IRA LLC

Do you want to to invest your retirement funds  in real estate, mortgages, trust deeds or other “passive type” investments? Then you will need a Self Directed IRA LLC.

We provide a complete “turnkey” setup of your Self Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control that puts you directly in full control of your retirement funds…learn more…


IRA and 401k Business Financing

Starting your own business…but don’t have the necessary financing?

Our IRA and 401K Business Financing Plan commonly known as a ROBS (Roll Over for Business Startup) Plan enables you to use your IRA, 401k or other qualified retirement plan to fund your new business…learn more…

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  • Jay SaxtonWhen I retired in 2013 my investment goals: 1. Produce income; 2. Match inflation; 3. Preserve principal.  Now our investment has exceed expectation, along with a rising real estate market.  My rents up 25%.  Property values up 35%.  SelfDirectedIRA made entry into self-directing easy.–Jay Saxton – Bellingham, WA

  • Bill-Brophy.jpgI am writing to express my enormous appreciation for your services, advice, and patience in the development of my IRA LLC.  You successfully and quickly accomplished the setup.

    After the successful establishment of this financial construct, you have provided continuous and outstanding guidance on all operating steps and completion of all necessary forms, provided recommendations for streamlining the process and possible cost savings, and helped me understand the complex and enigmatic nature of this entity.

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