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IRA LLC - Tantillo

I was very pleased with the service he provided…

I set up a SDIRA with the help of Tom Walker. I was very pleased with the service he provided, his prompt responses to any questions and step-by-step help when needed. He is a professional who is respectful, patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend him without reservation.

Rose Mary Tantillo, Attorney

Petaluma CA
Self Directed IRA LLC

Everything very positive.

I will be investing in real estate with my Self Directed IRA LLC. Very satisfied with my experience with your company. I will definitely be recommending your company to family and friends. Everything very positive.

Robert Nikora

San Jose, CA
self directed IRA LLC

There is only one word to describe Tom Walker and Self Directed IRA LLC and that is Awesome!

“There is only one word to describe Tom Walker and Self Directed IRA LLC and that is Awesome! Tom made everything go smoothly and was always available to answer all of my questions no matter how many times I called. I would recommend Tom and Self Directed IRA LLC to anyone who wants to take control of their retirement account.

Thanks Tom, Sincerely,

Mel Shaver

West Melbourne, FL
Self Directed IRA LLC

We have had such a positive experience here

Hello,  we recently used your company to setup our self directed IRA’s.  We worked with Tom Walker. He is fabulous!  We have had such a positive experience here.  Tom is so helpful (as we don’t know anything about these!).  The directions, setup and the process went smooth and we were both very appreciative. Whenever we called Tom for help or questions he was there to help us along.  We had to call him from the bank one day to finalize our account and he answered the phone and we had our answer right then and there.  We will definitely be doing business with you in the future. Thank you!

Jeanne and Jeffrey Dias

Redding, CA
Militello | ROBS Plan

I would definitely recommend Self Directed IRA.

“I am very satisfied with my experience with Self Directed IRA. The process was easy to follow and everyone was very helpful. I would definitely recommend Self Directed IRA.”

Giuseppe Militello

Brookfield, WI
Self Directed IRA LLC

Thanks for your top-notch assistance.

Thanks for your top-notch assistance.

Charles Bobinis, Attorney

Mt. Lebanon, PA
Utah Self Directed IRA LLC

I have been extremely pleased with the service

I wanted to write a review of my experience with Tom as I too rely on reviews from others whenever making these types of decisions. I have been extremely pleased with the service Tom has provided and I’m writing this review 1 year after hiring Tom. I did plenty of research prior to selecting a provider and I chose Tom as he was very straight forward, knowledgeable, and not the least bit “salesy”.

Tom was very efficient in helping me set up my self directed IRA LLC and made the process very simple for me with the step by step instructions provided. Additionally, and most importantly, he is very accessible and to this day, he always makes time to answer any questions that continue to come up. I would certainly recommend Tom and his services to anybody in need.

Pablo Del Castillo

Fruit Heights, UT

Tom really is a class act.

Tom Walker has been very helpful and knowledgeable in establishing my Self-Directed LLC IRA account. He has always taken the time required to explain anything that seemed confusing or that I was not quite sure of. He has provided ongoing support and at no point applied pressure to sell me anything. He was not the only provider that I contacted, but the only one that didn’t act like a used car salesman constantly pressuring me with disparaging remarks about their competition. Tom really is a class act. Thanks for everything.

John Montierth

Syracuse, UT
Jay Saxton - IRA LLC

SelfDirectedIRA made entry into self-directing easy

When I retired in 2013 my investment goals:

1. Produce income; 2. Match inflation; 3. Preserve principal.

Now our investment has exceed expectation, along with a rising real estate market.  My rents up 25%.  Property values up 35%.  SelfDirectedIRA made entry into self-directing easy.

Jay Saxton

Bellingham, WA
Self Directed IRA LLC

I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a self directed IRA

I have been a customer of Self Directed IRA LLC  for over two years.  They have provided me all the services I needed to get my self directed IRA up and running.  I have been kept current with information when I needed it.  When I have had questions I know that I can get a straight answer from Self Directed IRA LLC  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a self directed IRA.  It was new and a little foreign to me but I got all the info I needed to get the ball rolling.  Now I am the boss of my SELF DIRECTED IRA.

Tom Owen

Atlanta, GA
Self Directed IRA

I tried setting up my company on my own and it was a nightmare.

I would like to thank your organization for helping setup my company. I tried setting up my company on my own and it was a nightmare. It cost me nearly 3 months in lost business trying to setup the LLC, find an agent, work with the trust company, and get the money transferred to a bank account I could actually use! Then the company was setup incorrectly per IRS guidelines. I would have been in real trouble! I met many people in my experience and most of them I would not call back unless I had to. Your company is not one of those. You were there for me every step of the way including answering stupid questions when I was trying to do it myself. You provided me with a contact number and boy when I called you either answered the phone or called me back before I could leave a message. Several times I called from the bank when they had questions on setting up the trust account. You talked to them and even gave them a number to a banker who could answer their questions! Bottom line: I can breathe easy today knowing that my company is setup correctly, I won’t be in trouble with the IRS, and I have a top notch resource to call if I ever have a question about resolutions or other paperwork that needs to be done in order to keep my corporation running smoothly. Thank you Selfdirectedira.org!

Dennis Hughes

Fort Worth, YX

Couldn’t be more pleased

Mr Walker has an exceptional service.  Fast and thorough setup.  Quick to respond to questions.  I bought commercial bare land, cash deal, which allowed for great negotiation power. Couldn’t be more pleased.  Would recommend it without reservation.

Gregg Azin

Bend, OR
Arizona Self Directed IRA

has really helped me to think about my investments in a whole new manner…

Thanks to Tom I was able to set up my self-directed IRA in a short amount of time and was able to take advantage of record low real estate prices here in Arizona.  Tom has continued to support me and answer my questions, even months down the road, and has really helped me to think about my investments in a whole new manner. Thanks Tom!

Sherri Larkin

Mesa, AZ

Please feel free to use my name or contact information

“Just wanted to write a note and thank you for your help in answering my many questions and then setting up my IRA LLC.  In spite of what I would considered a complicated process, you guided me through it with speed and efficiency. Your service has to be the easiest to work with.  You allowed me to purchase an investment property in time to get the great deal I was looking for and that alone justified the cost.  Please feel free to use my name or contact information if you need it. Thank you again”

Doug Ness

O'Fallon, MO

I will highly recommend your services

I am writing to express my enormous appreciation for your services, advice, and patience in the development of my IRA LLC.  You successfully and quickly accomplished the setup. After the successful establishment of this financial construct, you have provided continuous and outstanding guidance on all operating steps and completion of all necessary forms, provided recommendations for streamlining the process and possible cost savings, and helped me understand the complex and enigmatic nature of this entity. Be assured that if anyone asks me for assistance with IRA/LLC development, I will highly recommend your services. Thank you for your assistance and support.

Bill Brophy

San Diego, CA

I know I made a great decision in choosing the right firm

Thank you for all your superb assistance today. I know I made a great decision in choosing the right firm and the right person by you demonstrating your expediency, accessibility, knowledge and competency throughout the first day. Once again “thank you”!

Richard Ehlers

Hoffman Estates, IL

Self Directed IRA did everything –

In 2008 I wanted to invest IRA funds in a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange in a unique situation to do well, but at that time no broker would invest overseas through an IRA.  Self Directed IRA set up a self-directed IRA. Self Directed IRA did everything – I just had to sign on the dotted line.

I have been so very pleased.

I transferred in substantial funds that have grown beyond expectation, spinning off cash.  As the cash came in I could recycle it back across to the traditional IRA which has the benefit that I can designate beneficiaries who can use the lifetime draw down tax advantage. The flexibility of my LLC was then of unexpected benefit.  Two separate opportunities came my way and the ability just to write a check clinched them.  I have been ANAL-RETENTIVE about following the rules. The good news is that the rules are simple but a small infraction can invalidate the whole structure with catastrophic tax consequences, so I keep extremely full records to justify every transaction.


John Watson

Sandy Springs, GA
ROBS Plan - Felder

you can’t go wrong with selfdirectedira.org…

To Self Directed Ira,

I am writing to give Tom Walker my highest recommendation. Tom possesses all the attributes necessary to put people like me at ease and let them know they are in good hands when you are trying to find a professional to give you accurate advise. It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Tom.

I apologize for not getting this letter to you sooner. I want to thank you and your organization, selfdirectedira.org, for being very knowledgeable about non-prototype retirement plans which allowed me to use my employer 401K retirement funds as a downpayment to purchase a business. Tom Walker was very professional and patient in advising me on the legal and internal revenue service guidelines to avoid issues down the road. I am a CPA and thought that this was something I could tackle myself, but I was spending to much time researching the correct way to set up the legal structure to make it happen.  Tom saved me a lot of time as well as money; I got several quotes from other company’s that were at least $2, 000 higher not to mention that they appeared to be not as knowledgeable as Tom Walker.

Thank goodness I stumbled on the selfdirectedira.org website; I found out about them by reading feedback comments from googling articles on investing your company’s 401K money in a business.  Some of the articles talked about how you can either get ripped off or be given wrong advice so please be careful.

If you are thinking about using your 401K funds to invest in a business, you can’t go wrong with selfdirectedira.org.

I hope the word get’s out about this company because I am very happy that I found them and have already recommended them to others.


Tobias Felder

Norcross, GA

I would never do this on my own

All my questions answered immediately. I had many. Self Directed IRA was very fast on all the paper work. Very helpful. I would never do this on my own. With Self Directed IRA’s help it went very smoothly. I recommend using Self Directed IRA.

Mark Carpenter

klamath Falls, OR

I absolutely recommend his service to anyone needing to start a business in this manner

I’d just like to compliment Tom Walker and his team. Tom is always available by phone and able to provide direction and solutions. I absolutely recommend his service to anyone needing to start a business in this manner. Thanks!

Keith Miller

Las Vegas, NV
Self Directed IRA LLC

I found this site and read the testimonials.

When researching how best to move forward in setting up a self directed IRA, I found this site and read the testimonials. Those notes made me decide to use Self Directed IRA to help me set up mine. Now I am adding my testimonial to the list. I worked with Tom Walker, who was extremely helpful and always available when needed. His assistance and guidance made it easy to set up and manage. I highly recommend self directed IRA for anyone considering this investment choice.

Rob Phillips

Quincy, MA

Thank You Mr. Tom Walker for all the help you’ve given me from the bottom of my heart

Mr.Tom Walker of Self Directed IRA  was very helpful to me. I could call him just about anytime I needed help. He guided me to set up my own investment IRA LLC and I can never look back to where I was before in the investment arena. Thank You Mr. Tom Walker for all the help you’ve given me from the bottom of my heart.

Gilbert Sia

Stanton, CA

He did a great job

The setup of the LLC by Tom Walker was excellent. He did a great job in explaining the process and communicated effectively throughout the process.

Estella Young

Pacifica, CA

This is by far the smartest thing I have ever done in my investment life.

Actually, I want to thank YOU for setting me up with this LLC and for recommending the trustee. This is by far the smartest thing I have ever done in my investment life. When I left my previous employer I rolled over my 401K into the self-directed IRA, and since I had always contributed the max, it was a good chunk.  I’ve averaged over 9% annually, mostly through private lending. I’ve heard so many horror stories from people with self-directed IRAs… custodians charging them a fee every time they want to make an investment, delays so long that the deal falls apart while the custodian micro manages every detail of the investment, etc.  So when people start whining about their self-directed IRA’s, I just say, “Well, you just didn’t do it the right way, that’s all!”.  And then I email them your contact info and the contact info for my custodian. Thank God that Congress has not yet acted to “protect” us from self-directed IRAs.  Maybe they’ve been too busy planning how to mandate that all our retirement funds be invested in Treasury bonds.

Matt Taylor

Weare, NH
IRA LLC - McWhorter

I feel lucky to have found this company.

Tom helped me set up my IRA LLC three years ago when there was very little info available on it and no one I knew had ever heard of it.  Not my accountant, not my banker, or my realtor had ever heard about a self directed IRA where YOU control the checkbook and you can invest in real estate.   Tom literally held my hand every step of the way.  Everyone else I called who knew about it (companies I found on line) acted like it was privileged information which they would only share if I signed up with them—and they were expensive and permanently on the payroll.  They made me feel like I was walking a tightrope over shark infested waters.  One tiny miscalculation and my retirement fund was fish food for the IRS. They used intimidation tactics to literally “scare up” business and led me to believe I couldn’t realistically manage my IRA myself, despite the name “self directed”.

I was terrified, but I knew investing in real estate was the right thing, so I said a prayer and then found Tom Walker.

I must have called him 10 times.  He never blew me off or acted like I was a pain in the you know what.  He was not shy about advising me, had tons of experience and he referred me to a no-frills custodian  which has turned out to be the bargain of the century.  And when the custodian couldn’t answer my 10 thousand other questions, I just called Tom and he answered them. In short he did his job expertly and everyone else’s job too! This is not as complicated as people try to make it out to be.  Once it’s done the stress is off.  I feel lucky to have found this company.

Kathy McWhorter

Oxnard, CA
IRA LLC - Moyle

It was one of the best things we’ve ever done.

In 2009 Tom Walker helped us to open our own self directed IRA. It was one of the best things we’ve ever done. Tom was there to answer any questions and we had plenty.  We called numerous times with questions and he always helped us. We were so impressed that we recommended him to our sister and brother-in-law.  They too opened up a self directed IRA and have been very pleased also!  His pricing is very fair and the whole process went smoothly. Thank You Tom Walker

Ed and Susan Moyle

Oak Hills, CA

Would highly recommend!

Tom made everything about the set up very easy and it was done quickly. Whenever I have a question I can call him and he answers my questions kindly and without making me feel like I’m bothering him. Would highly recommend

Tisha Chafer

Bluffton, SC

All of us at Hartnett Investment Inc appreciate all the hardwork

All of us at Hartnett Investment Inc appreciate all the hardwork Tom Walker/Self Directed IRA did to help us gain control of our future and our retirement planning. Thanks to the efforts of Tom Walker & Self Directed IRA our company has been able to concentrate on our prosperity.

Matt Hartnett

East Helena, MT

went above and beyond

Tom went above and beyond to get my self directed Ira established. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. We were able to get this done in a couple weeks. Thank you,

Dennis Miller

Galena, IL

Very thorough in every step of the process

Fast, efficient, trusting, friendly. Very thorough in every step of the process. Co-operative with making changes when needed. Very knowledgeable and made sure you knew what everything entailed…and you get a person…not the run around and just voicemail

Pat Motley

Grapevine, TX
Godell Self Directed IRA LLC

After much research I chose Self Directed IRA LLC

I wanted to diversify part of my IRA savings to include real estate but the traditional institutions could not handle this. So I decided to open a Self Directed IRA. After much research I chose Self Directed IRA LLC. They are very experienced and were extremely efficient in setting it up for me. I found their fees to be competitive and their service was superb. I was advised by Tom Walker who was always available for my many questions. I still call Tom for advice. They set up and registered an investment LLC and got its IRS tax ID. They referred me to an experienced custodian that administers my new IRA. I bought some rental real estate properties and am pleased with the diversification in my IRA. I would highly recommend Self Directed IRA LLC to anyone interested in diversifying their IRAs beyond the usual equities, bonds and mutual funds.

Rafael Godell

Blue Bell, PA

will help you every step of the way, and provides you with everything you need.

I have found in my dealings with Self Directed IRA to be very honest and straight forward. …will help you every step of the way, and provides you with everything you need.

Alvin Easterday

Tucson, AZ
SelfDirected IRA LLC

Your plan and answering all my questions through the years made it so i can retire

I would like to give you a testimonial. In 2011 I was not able to see how my IRA would support me in retirement. You folks gave me the business plan and answered all my questions, and I was able to invest in real estate, which I understand. My IRA has grown appreciably and now is generating sufficient cash flow for me to comfortably retire. Your plan and answering all my questions through the years made it so i can retire. Thanks so much.

Ed Baltzer

Grand Junction, CO

I would recommend his firm to anyone who is interested in a self directed IRA

Tom Walked at Self Directed IRA LLC has been an invaluable resource for my IRA – It was all new to me-I purchased real estate- He explained the process very easily and continues to provide excellent support-He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of self-directed IRAs. I would recommend his firm to anyone who is interested in a self directed IRA Thank you

Terri Noyes

Cape Cod, MA
self directed IRA

Thank you again for your continued trusting relationship

This is to Thank you for all your Brilliant work!! I have been a Self Directed IRA customer for more than 4 years now. I do not believe in raving about a service or product unless it is excellence and exceptional. Those are two categories in which most companies lack on a continuous basis. I want to commend this company, Self Direct IRA, for always going over and above and for excellence and exceptional service. My standards are high because I have worked for a company with very high customer satisfaction standards for over 20 years.

I highly recommend any person who wants the independence and freedom of controlling their own finances to have Self Directed IRA create a Business Plan for you and break the chains of the ordinary investing vehicles out there. They are always available for questions answering and support, even after the services ended.

Thank you again for your continued trusting relationship.

With Warm Regards,

Cynthia Cook

Newport Coast, CA
Hemant Jamwant - IRA LLC

very helpful in advising with all my questions

Like me, most people would do this is only once without having much knowledge of the process. You would want a company that is there to answer your questions and guide you through the steps. Self Directed IRA fit that bill well for me. I always was able to get someone live on the phone when I called. Tom Walker was very helpful in advising with all my questions.

Hemant Jamwant

Kissimmee, FL

I would recommend Self Directed IRA without reservation…

“I located Self Directed IRA LLC through the Better Business Bureau. They had 0 complaints over the past few years so I called them. I found their services to be excellent. My phone calls were always promptly answered or returned, and my questions answered clearly and thoroughly. All documents were sent quickly, and in about one month I had transferred my pension funds out of Wall Street, where they had been losing money consistently, and invested in a rental property which will net us at least 8% interest per year. I would recommend Self Directed IRA without reservation.”

Douglas Booth, Attorney at Law

Santa Fe, NM
IRA LLC - Bart Graves

an investment vehicle that I would recommend to anyone

“Just wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know at Self Directed IRA LLC how much I appreciate their professionalism and personnel attention. The setting up of my Self Directed IRA  was greatly simplified and made manageable by their expertise. My point man was Tom Walker who patiently held my hand though the entire process. The independence and security of having my own check book account for my retirement plan is an investment vehicle that I would recommend to anyone.”

Thanks again,

Bart Graves

Baton Rouge, LA
IRA LLC - Minds

Self directed IRA answered all my questions…

Self directed IRA answered all my questions and had my Nevada LLC formed in no time at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Iwould recommned Tom and his team to anyone who wants to take charge of their future by having check book control of their retirement money.

Kevin Minds

Pacific Palisades, CA
IRA LLC - Stanovich

we would highly recommend them to anyone…

We were tired of seeing our 401k’s underperforming year after year. We started looking at other alternatives for our 401ks and that is when we came across SelfDirectedIRA. We have been real fortunate in investing in real estate in the past and the self directed IRA LLC fit us perfectly. Tom Walker with SelfDirectedIRA was extremely helpful with walking us through the process and we would highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to invest their 401k money in real estate.

Pete Stanovich

Silas, AL
Self-Directed IRA

I would highly recommend

Tom Walker has character and Integrity you don’t find these days, as I have looked for the last six months where and how to park a large chunk of cash after working twenty years in the county hospital in Miami, Florida. His patience and wisdom in listening to me far out weighed his own goals. Even when I got cold feet, his knowledge and understanding guided me through the intense process of fear of the unknown in securing my future. I would highly recommend Mr.Walker to anyone who needed truth in an unknown arena looking for safety

Robert Morbach

Miami, FL

my retirement account has grown like never before

Since converting my regular IRA to the self directed type my retirement account has grown like never before. No more do I has to deal with market ups and downs and costly financial advisor fees. Tom Walker and his team has always been available to answer questions in a courteous and professional manner. Thanks Tom!

Paul Stephan

Long Beach, CA
IRA LLC - Mackie

Working with selfdirectedIRA and Tom Walker has been an absolute pleasure

Working with selfdirectedIRA and Tom Walker has been an absolute pleasure. I set up the Self directed IRA w/checkbook control with them about 4 years ago for my wife’s IRA.  I needed a lot of help and Tom gave me prompt, courteous, professional help all along the way.  My wife and I have used it to purchase and sell real estate.   All of our questions have been answered.  We have been very pleased with the IRA vehicle and the customer service of selfdirected IRA.

Terry and Teresa Mackie

Olive Branch, MS
Self Directed IRA LLC

I highly recommend them…

I have been with SelfDirectedIRA for over 10 years and have had great service and customer support.  One year I screwed up making my distribution but they were kind enough to fix it for me. I highly recommend them

S. Jeffrey Ackerman, MD

Marietta, GA
IRA LLC - DePropris

Thank you for all your help and guidance over the last years

I am writing this letter to thank Tom Walker, Self Directed IRA LLC, for all his help and support. Tom made the set up of our self directed IRA painless and smooth. He was a phone call away when questions came up and always had the answers. Thank you for all your help and guidance over the last years.


Patricia K. DePropris

Yucaipa, CA
Self-Directed IRA LLC - Scanlon

You will enjoy doing business with Tom and his company.

For the past 28 years I had my entire retirement savings invested in the stock market.  As you can imagine, throughout those years, I watched my retirement’s net worth fluctuate through huge swings between gains and losses.  Obviously the gains caused joy in my household but the losses brought frustration and worry. In either case, no matter how well, or how badly, my retirement portfolio performed, I constantly felt an uncomfortable sense of insecurity.  I always worried that my losses would out-number my gains or that inflation would depreciate my savings to a level that would be insufficient to last throughout my lifetime.  For me, the uncertainty of the stock market caused too much stress in my life.

Finally, I spoke to a friend who recommended that I take matters into my own hands and convert my retirement account into a Self-Directed IRA.  He explained that, instead of riding the turbulent waters of an unpredictable sea of stock market reactions, I could invest in assets with more stable returns.  The assets can be in a variety of forms such as: real estate, private business, gold, loans, etc, etc. I decided to follow my friend’s advice but I didn’t know how to set up a Self-directed IRA.  Fortunately, I logged on to the Internet and found a wonderful company called “Self Directed IRA LLC”.  I spoke to Tom Walker who was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  He explained the process for transferring my retirement funds from a stockbroker account to a Self-Directed IRA account.  He also explained all the steps required to guarantee that there would be no negative tax consequences. I was amazed at how simple it was to accomplish.

Tom made the whole process extremely easy.  He set up a Limited Liability Company in my name; took care of all the paperwork; set up IRS-approved accounts; led me step-by-step through the entire procedure, and even filed the required State agency forms for my LLC. I now have stable assets in my own-self directed IRA that are out-performing the stock market. I was able to purchase the assets with tax-deferred funds and I am sleeping much better at night.

I highly recommend Tom Walker and “Self Directed IRA LLC” to anyone who is considering a Self-Directed IRA.  You will enjoy doing business with Tom and his company.

Dan Scanlon

Anaheim, CA

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