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IRA information that you need to know. Please see the links on the right for useful information regarding IRA’s.

We attempt to provide up to date information. However, as always when dealing with the government and independent information providers, all information is subject to change and revision. Please let us know if any of the information you find is incorrect, outdated or otherwise incorrect.

UBIT – addresses Unrelated Business Income Tax as it relates to Self Directed IRA’s.

Types of IRA’s  – discusses the different kinds of IRA’s …Traditional, Roth , Simple and SEP IRA’s.

Prohibited IRA Transactions – outlines what you can and cannot do with your IRA funds.

Real Estate IRA – provides an overview of using your IRA to invest in  real estate.

Precious Metals IRA – tells you what you need to know about using IRA funds to purchase precious metals.

IRA Non-Recourse Financing – outlines the requirements when using leverage to finance an IRA investment.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – provides basic information about reporting requirements when making foreign investments.

Buying International Real Estate – provides the outline of what you need to do to purchase foreign real estate with your IRA funds.

IRA Contributions  = lists the contribution limits for each type of IRA.

IRA Distributions  – is a chart to determine RMD (Required Minimum Distributions).

Retirement Resources  – provides helpful links to assist you in retirement.

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