Buying International Real Estate in Your IRA

Many of our clients are interested in buying international real estate with their IRA’s and 401k’s.

We have helped many people realize their dreams of buying retirement or investment properties in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, India and many other countries.

The first step is to set up a Self Directed IRA LLC in the USA to fund your foreign purchase.

You will then use this LLC to fund a legal entity that you will establish in the country of your investment. The legal entity in that country will actually hold title to the property. Your USA Self Directed IRA LLC cannot directly hold title unless it is recognized a a legal entity in the country of your purchase.

The foreign entity will be 100% owned by your Self Directed IRA LLC. The foreign entity will be that particular country’s equivalent of an LLC or corporation. You will need legal representation in that country to form this entity.

You cannot hold title personally in your name. It must be held by the foreign entity which in turn will be owned by your Self Directed IRA LLC.

As with other real estate investments made with your IRA, you cannot have any personal use of the property – it must be held for investment or income purposes only for the sole benefit of your IRA. You can eventually use the property if you take it as a distribution when you decide to retire.

Many clients visit foreign countries and fall in love with the lifestyle and purchase property for their future retirement. You can do this with your IRA or 401k provided you do it correctly.

You should be aware of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Also see FAQ

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