State Corporation Filing Fees

Subject to changes.

State  Filing Fee  Note:
Alabama $128 plus Probate Court fee ($65)
Alaska $250  
Arkansas $45  
Arizona $60  
California $100**  
Colorado $50  
Connecticut $300  
Washington D.C. $185  
Delaware $89  
Florida $70  
Georgia $110  
Hawaii $50  
Iowa $50  
Idaho $100  
Illinois $175  
Indiana $88  
Kansas $84  
Kentucky $55  
Louisiana $65  
Massachusetts $290  
Maryland $142  
Maine $154  
Michigan $120  
Minnesota $160  
Missouri $69  
Mississippi $50  
Montana $70  
North Carolina $127*  
North Dakota $90  
Nebraska $75  
New Hampshire $100  
New Jersey $128.50  
New Mexico $50  
Nevada $75**  
New York $170  
Ohio $125  
Oklahoma $52  
Oregon $100  
Pennsylvania $125  
Rhode Island $230  
South Carolina $135  
South Dakota $125  
Tennessee $105  
Texas $315  
Utah $70  
Virginia $75  
Vermont $75  
Washington $195  
Wisconsin $100  
West Virginia $95  
Wyoming $103  

* Amounts include applicable fees for a copy of filed articles or for online convenience fee.


Filing fees are subject to change.

* Includes surcharges for online filing and/or copies

**Every corporation that incorporates or qualifies as a foreign corporation in California on or after January 1, 2000 is exempt from the prepayment of franchise tax at the time of filing and ALSO the corporation is exempt from the minimum tax for its first tax year. If a company wants to reincorporate solely to avoid the $800 minimum tax, this is not allowed.

**Nevada formation fees do not include the $150 Initial List of Officers/Members fee imposed by the state. Nevada now requires filing for a Business License ($500) at the time of Annual List filing. The Annual List and Business License must be filed by the the end of the month of the month following filing.

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