What Our Clients Are Saying:



avatarI am writing to express my enormous appreciation for your services, advice, and patience in the development of my IRA LLC.  You successfully and quickly accomplished the setup.

After the successful establishment of this financial construct, you have provided continuous and outstanding guidance on all operating steps and completion of all necessary forms, provided recommendations for streamlining the process and possible cost savings, and helped me understand the complex and enigmatic nature of this entity.

Be assured that if anyone asks me for assistance with IRA/LLC development, I will highly recommend your services.

Thank you for your assistance and support.

Bill Brophy – San Diego, CA

Tom Walker has been very helpful and knowledgeable in establishing my Self-Directed LLC IRA account. He has always taken the time required to explain anything that seemed confusing or that I was not quite sure of. He has provided ongoing support and at no point applied pressure to sell me anything. He was not the only provider that I contacted, but the only one that didn’t act like a used car salesman constantly pressuring me with disparaging remarks about their competition. Tom really is a class act. Thanks for everything.

John Montierth – Syracuse, UT

avatarWhen I retired in 2013 my investment goals: 1. Produce income; 2. Match inflation; 3. Preserve principal.  Now our investment has exceed expectation, along with a rising real estate market.  My rents up 25%.  Property values up 35%.  SelfDirectedIRA made entry into self-directing easy.

Jay Saxton – Bellingham, WA

Mr Walker has an exceptional service.  Fast and thorough setup.  Quick to respond to questions.  I bought commercial bare land, cash deal, which allowed for great negotiation power. Couldn’t be more pleased.  Would recommend it without reservation.

Gregg D. Azin – Bend, OR

avatar“There is only one word to describe Tom Walker and Self Directed IRA LLC and that is Awesome! Tom made everything go smoothly and was always available to answer all of my questions no matter how many times I called. I would recommend Tom and Self Directed IRA LLC to anyone who wants to take control of their retirement account. Thanks Tom,


Mel Shaver – Mission Viejo, CA

In 2008 I wanted to invest IRA funds in a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange in a unique situation to do well, but at that time no broker would invest overseas through an IRA.  Self Directed IRA set up a self-directed IRA. Self Directed IRA did everything – I just had to sign on the dotted line. I have been so very pleased.  I transferred in substantial funds that have grown beyond expectation, spinning off cash.  As the cash came in I could recycle it back across to the traditional IRA which has the benefit that I can designate beneficiaries who can use the lifetime draw down tax advantage. The flexibility of my LLC was then of unexpected benefit.  Two separate opportunities came my way and the ability just to write a check clinched them.  I have been ANAL-RETENTIVE about following the rules. The good news is that the rules are simple but a small infraction can invalidate the whole structure with catastrophic tax consequences, so I keep extremely full records to justify every transaction.


John Watson – Sandy Springs, GA

Since converting my regular IRA to the self directed type my retirement account has grown like never before. No more do I has to deal with market ups and downs and costly financial advisor fees. Tom Walker and his team has always been available to answer questions in a courteous and professional manner. Thanks Tom!


Paul Stephan – Long Beach, CA

avatarI will be investing in real estate with my Self Directed IRA LLC. Very satisfied with my experience with your company. I will definitely be recommending your company to family and friends. Everything very positive.


Robert Nikora
San Jose, CA

avatar“I am very satisfied with my experience with Self Directed IRA. The process was easy to follow and everyone was very helpful. I would definitely recommend Self Directed IRA.”


Giuseppe Militello – Brookfield, WI

avatar“Just wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know at Self Directed IRA LLC how much I appreciate their professionalism and personnel attention. The setting up of my Self Directed IRA  was greatly simplified and made manageable by their expertise. My point man was Tom Walker who patiently held my hand though the entire process. The independence and security of having my own check book account for my retirement plan is an investment vehicle that I would recommend to anyone.”

Thanks again,

Bart Graves – Baton Rouge, LA