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avatarThanks to Tom I was able to set up my self-directed IRA in a short amount of time and was able to take advantage of record low real estate prices here in Arizona.  Tom has continued to support me and answer my questions, even months down the road, and has really helped me to think about my investments in a whole new manner.

Thanks Tom!

Sherri Larkin – Mesa, AZ

avatarFor the past 28 years I had my entire retirement savings invested in the stock market.  As you can imagine, throughout those years, I watched my retirement’s net worth fluctuate through huge swings between gains and losses.  Obviously the gains caused joy in my household but the losses brought frustration and worry. In either case, no matter how well, or how badly, my retirement portfolio performed, I constantly felt an uncomfortable sense of insecurity.  I always worried that my losses would out-number my gains or that inflation would depreciate my savings to a level that would be insufficient to last throughout my lifetime.  For me, the uncertainty of the stock market caused too much stress in my life.

Finally, I spoke to a friend who recommended that I take matters into my own hands and convert my retirement account into a Self-Directed IRA.  He explained that, instead of riding the turbulent waters of an unpredictable sea of stock market reactions, I could invest in assets with more stable returns.  The assets can be in a variety of forms such as: real estate, private business, gold, loans, etc, etc.

I decided to follow my friend’s advice but I didn’t know how to set up a Self-directed IRA.  Fortunately, I logged on to the Internet and found a wonderful company called “Self Directed IRA LLC”.  I spoke to Tom Walker who was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  He explained the process for transferring my retirement funds from a stockbroker account to a Self-Directed IRA account.  He also explained all the steps required to guarantee that there would be no negative tax consequences. I was amazed at how simple it was to accomplish. Tom made the whole process extremely easy.  He set up a Limited Liability Company in my name; took care of all the paperwork; set up IRS-approved accounts; led me step-by-step through the entire procedure, and even filed the required State agency forms for my LLC.

I now have stable assets in my own-self directed IRA that are out-performing the stock market. I was able to purchase the assets with tax-deferred funds and I am sleeping much better at night. I highly recommend Tom Walker and “Self Directed IRA LLC” to anyone who is considering a Self-Directed IRA.  You will enjoy doing business with Tom and his company.

Dan Scanlon – Anaheim, CA

avatarAll of us at Hartnett Investment Inc appreciate all the hardwork Tom Walker/Self Directed IRA did to help us gain control of our future and our retirement planning. Thanks to the efforts of Tom Walker & Self Directed IRA our company has been able to concentrate on our prosperity.


Matt Hartnett

Matt Harnett – East Helena, MT
Hartnett Investment Inc

avatarWorking with selfdirectedIRA and Tom Walker has been an absolute pleasure. I set up the Self directed IRA w/checkbook control with them about 4 years ago for my wife’s IRA.  I needed a lot of help and Tom gave me prompt, courteous, professional help all along the way.  My wife and I have used it to purchase and sell real estate.   All of our questions have been answered.  We have been very pleased with the IRA vehicle and the customer service of selfdirected IRA.

Terry and Teresa Mackie

Terry and Teresa Mackie – Olive Branch, MS

avatarI wanted to diversify part of my IRA savings to include real estate but the traditional institutions could not handle this. So I decided to open a Self Directed IRA. After much research I chose Self Directed IRA LLC. They are very experienced and were extremely efficient in setting it up for me. I found their fees to be competitive and their service was superb. I was advised by Tom Walker who was always available for my many questions. I still call Tom for advice. They set up and registered an investment LLC and got its IRS tax ID. They referred me to an experienced custodian that administers my new IRA. I bought some rental real estate properties and am pleased with the diversification in my IRA. I would highly recommend Self Directed IRA LLC to anyone interested in diversifying their IRAs beyond the usual equities, bonds and mutual funds.

Rafael Godell – Blue Bell, PA

avatarIn 2009 Tom Walker helped us to open our own self directed IRA. It was one of the best things we’ve ever done. Tom was there to answer any questions and we had plenty.  We called numerous times with questions and he always helped us. We were so impressed that we recommended him to our sister and brother-in-law.  They too opened up a self directed IRA and have been very pleased also!  His pricing is very fair and the whole process went smoothly. Thank You Tom Walker

Ed and Susan Moyle – Oak Hills, CA

“Just wanted to write a note and thank you for your help in answering my many questions and then setting up my IRA LLC.  In spite of what I would considered a complicated process, you guided me through it with speed and efficiency. Your service has to be the easiest to work with.  You allowed me to purchase an investment property in time to get the great deal I was looking for and that alone justified the cost.  Please feel free to use my name or contact information if you need it.

Thank you again”

Doug Ness – O’Fallon, MO

Thank you for all your superb assistance today. I know I made a great decision in choosing the right firm and the right person by you demonstrating your expediency, accessibility, knowledge and competency throughout the first day. Once again “thank you”!

Richard Ehlers – Hoffman Estates, IL

“I located Self Directed IRA LLC through the Better Business Bureau. They had 0 complaints over the past few years so I called them. I found their services to be excellent. My phone calls were always promptly answered or returned, and my questions answered clearly and thoroughly. All documents were sent quickly, and in about one month I had transferred my pension funds out of Wall Street, where they had been losing money consistently, and invested in a rental property which will net us at least 8% interest per year. I would recommend Self Directed IRA without reservation.”

Douglas Booth, Attorney at Law – Santa Fe, NM

avatarI would like to thank your organization for helping setup my company.

I tried setting up my company on my own and it was a nightmare. It cost me nearly 3 months in lost business trying to setup the LLC, find an agent, work with the trust company, and get the money transferred to a bank account I could actually use! Then the company was setup incorrectly per IRS guidelines. I would have been in real trouble!

I met many people in my experience and most of them I would not call back unless I had to. Your company is not one of those. You were there for me every step of the way including answering stupid questions when I was trying to do it myself. You provided me with a contact number and boy when I called you either answered the phone or called me back before I could leave a message. Several times I called from the bank when they had questions on setting up the trust account. You talked to them and even gave them a number to a banker who could answer their questions!

Bottom line: I can breathe easy today knowing that my company is setup correctly, I won’t be in trouble with the IRS, and I have a top notch resource to call if I ever have a question about resolutions or other paperwork that needs to be done in order to keep my corporation running smoothly.

Thank you Selfdirectedira.org!

Dennis Hughes – Fort Worth, TX