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Actually, I want to thank YOU for setting me up with this LLC and for recommending the trustee. This is by far the smartest thing I have ever done in my investment life.

When I left my previous employer I rolled over my 401K into the self-directed IRA, and since I had always contributed the max, it was a good chunk.  I’ve averaged over 9% annually, mostly through private lending.

I’ve heard so many horror stories from people with self-directed IRAs… custodians charging them a fee every time they want to make an investment, delays so long that the deal falls apart while the custodian micro manages every detail of the investment, etc.  So when people start whining about their self-directed IRA’s, I just say, “Well, you just didn’t do it the right way, that’s all!”.  And then I email them your contact info and the contact info for my custodian.

Thank God that Congress has not yet acted to “protect” us from self-directed IRAs.  Maybe they’ve been too busy planning how to mandate that all our retirement funds be invested in Treasury bonds.

Matt Taylor – Weare, NH


To Self Directed Ira,

I am writing to give Tom Walker my highest recommendation. Tom possesses all the attributes necessary to put people like me at ease and let them know they are in good hands when you are trying to find a professional to give you accurate advise. It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Tom.

I apologize for not getting this letter to you sooner. I want to thank you and your organization, selfdirectedira.org, for being very knowledgeable about non-prototype retirement plans which allowed me to use my employer 401K retirement funds as a downpayment to purchase a business. Tom Walker was very professional and patient in advising me on the legal and internal revenue service guidelines to avoid issues down the road. I am a CPA and thought that this was something I could tackle myself, but I was spending to much time researching the correct way to set up the legal structure to make it happen.  Tom saved me a lot of time as well as money; I got several quotes from other company’s that were at least $2, 000 higher not to mention that they appeared to be not as knowledgeable as Tom Walker.

Thank goodness I stumbled on the selfdirectedira.org website; I found out about them by reading feedback comments from googling articles on investing your company’s 401K money in a business.  Some of the articles talked about how you can either get ripped off or be given wrong advice so please be careful.

If you are thinking about using your 401K funds to invest in a business, you can’t go wrong with selfdirectedira.org.

I hope the word get’s out about this company because I am very happy that I found them and have already recommended them to others.


Tobias Felder, CPA – Norcross, GA

Tom Walked at Self Directed IRA LLC has been an invaluable resource for my IRA – It was all new to me-I purchased real estate-

He explained the process very easily and continues to provide excellent support-He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of self-directed IRAs.

I would recommend his firm to anyone who is interested in a self directed IRA

Thank you

Terri Noyes – Cape Cod, MA

avatarSelf directed IRA answered all my questions and had my Nevada LLC formed in no time at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Iwould recommned Tom and his team to anyone who wants to take charge of their future by having check book control of their retirement money.

Kevin Minds – Pacific Palisades, CA

avatarThanks for your top-notch assistance.

Charles Bobinis, Attorney – Mt. Lebanon, PA

avatarI have been with SelfDirectedIRA for 5 years and have had great service and customer support.  One year I screwed up making my distribution but they were kind enough to fix it for me. I highly recommend them

S. Jeffrey Ackerman MD – Marietta, GA