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avatarAll my questions answered immediately. I had many. Self Directed IRA was very fast on all the paper work. Very helpful. I would never do this on my own. With Self Directed IRA’s help it went very smoothly. I recommend using Self Directed IRA.

Mark Carpenter – Klamath Falls, OR
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avatarFast, efficient, trusting, friendly. Very thorough in every step of the process. Co-operative with making changes when needed. Very knowledgeable and made sure you knew what everything entailed…and you get a person…not the run around and just voicemail

Pat Motley – Grapevine, TX

avatarI am writing this letter to thank Tom Walker, Self Directed IRA LLC, for all his help and support. Tom made the set up of our self directed IRA painless and smooth. He was a phone call away when questions came up and always had the answers.
Thank you for all your help and guidance over the last years.

Patricia K. DePropris – Yucaipa, CA

avatarI have found in my dealings with Self Directed IRA to be very honest and straight forward. …will help you every step of the way, and provides you with everything you need.

Alvin D. Easterday – Tuscon, AZ

avatarI have been a customer of Self Directed IRA LLC  for over two years.  They have provided me all the services I needed to get my self directed IRA up and running.  I have been kept current with information when I needed it.  When I have had questions I know that I can get a straight answer from Self Directed IRA LLC 

I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a self directed IRA.  It was new and a little foreign to me but I got all the info I needed to get the ball rolling.  Now I am the boss of my SELF DIRECTED IRA.

Tom Owen – Atlanta, GA

avatarI’d just like to compliment Tom Walker and his team. Tom is always available by phone
and able to provide direction and solutions. I absolutely recommend his service to
anyone needing to start a business in this manner.


Keith Miller – Las Vegas, NV

avatarI set up a SDIRA with the help of Tom Walker. I was very pleased with the service he provided, his prompt responses to any questions and step-by-step help when needed. He is a professional who is respectful, patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend him without reservation.


Rose Marie Tantillo, Attorney – Petaluma, CA

avatarWe were tired of seeing our 401k’s underperforming year after year. We started looking at other alternatives for our 401ks and that is when we came across SelfDirectedIRA. We have been real fortunate in investing in real estate in the past and the self directed IRA LLC fit us perfectly. Tom Walker with SelfDirectedIRA was extremely helpful with walking us through the process and we would highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to invest their 401k money in real estate.

Pete Stanovich – Silas, AL

avatarMr.Tom Walker of Self Directed IRA  was very helpful to me. I could call him just about anytime I needed help. He guided me to set up my own investment IRA LLC and I can never look back to where I was before in the investment arena.Thank You Mr. Tom Walker for all the help you’ve given me from the bottom of my heart.

Gilbert Sia – Stanton, CA

avatarTom helped me set up my IRA LLC three years ago when there was very little info available on it and no one I knew had ever heard of it.  Not my accountant, not my banker, or my realtor had ever heard about a self directed IRA where YOU control the checkbook and you can invest in real estate.   Tom literally held my hand every step of the way.  Everyone else I called who knew about it (companies I found on line) acted like it was privileged information which they would only share if I signed up with them—and they were expensive and permanently on the payroll.  They made me feel like I was walking a tightrope over shark infested waters.  One tiny miscalculation and my retirement fund was fish food for the IRS. They used intimidation tactics to literally “scare up” business and led me to believe I couldn’t realistically manage my IRA myself, despite the name “self directed”.   I was terrified, but I knew investing in real estate was the right thing, so I said a prayer and then found Tom Walker.  I must have called him 10 times.  He never blew me off or acted like I was a pain in the you know what.  He was not shy about advising me, had tons of experience and he referred me to a no-frills custodian  which has turned out to be the bargain of the century.  And when the custodian couldn’t answer my 10 thousand other questions, I just called Tom and he answered them. In short he did his job expertly and everyone else’s job too! This is not as complicated as people try to make it out to be.  Once it’s done the stress is off.  I feel lucky to have found this company.

Kathy McWorter – Oxnard, CA