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Self Directed IRA LLC’s will give you a wide latitude in making investments. However, there are several areas that are prohibited investments. We provide a guide to prohibited investments that will assist you in making the correct decisions.

You probably have an idea what type of investments you would like to make in your Self Directed IRA. Make sure you keep an open mind and thoroughly investigate any offering that is made to you. It is important to check the “track record” of any investment opportunity to be sure it is legitimate and will not result in the loss of all your funds. The first rule of investing is to protect your principal funds.

WARNING: Beware of companies that will offer to set up your Self Directed IRA LLC at a seemingly bargain price and then offer you amazing “investment opportunities”. That is usually their primary business – selling the investments and they need captive “investors”.

 You will find many “exotic” investments that promise unbelievable returns that are precisely that – unbelievable. Avoid these investments like the plague. You will be better served over the long run by taking a conservative approach to your investments.

Investments are available in not only stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but also in real estate and other alternative investments. Real estate investments can either be directly in the purchase of real estate or by investing in mortgages and trust deeds. Investments in mortgages and trust deeds are more of a passive investment requiring very little in the way of management other than cashing your monthly check for the payment you are receiving. There are many mortgage and trust deed investment programs being offered. We recommend that you investigate the offerings carefully to determine the vehicle best suited for your investment strategy.

You must remember that you will now be in charge of selecting your investments and with that comes the responsibility of making prudent and careful decisions that will not jeopardize you retirement funds. Stay away from highly speculative investments such as stocks with little or no marketability such as penny stocks and the next hottest company. Avoid projects to be constructed or new businesses with little or no track record.

Sometimes the best investment is the one that allows you to sleep well at night without the anxiety of whether you will be able access your funds without a great deal of aggravation. There are a lot of individuals and companies that are seeking to separate you from your nest egg. Be extremely careful and be cautious. Investigate every opportunity and the people behind it .

Your IRA and 401k funds can also be used to acquire or start a business or franchise using our “ROBS Plan“.

Finally, I spoke to a friend who recommended that I take matters into my own hands and convert my retirement account into a Self-Directed IRA. He explained that, instead of riding the turbulent waters of an unpredictable sea of stock market reactions, I could invest in assets with more stable returns. The assets can be in a variety of forms such as: real estate, private business, gold, loans, etc, etc.

I decided to follow my friend’s advice but I didn’t know how to set up a Self-directed IRA. Fortunately, I logged on to the Internet and found a wonderful company called “Self Directed IRA LLC”. I spoke to Tom Walker who was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He explained the process for transferring my retirement funds from a stockbroker account to a Self-Directed IRA account. He also explained all the steps required to guarantee that there would be no negative tax consequences. I was amazed at how simple it was to accomplish. Tom made the whole process extremely easy. He set up a Limited Liability Company in my name; took care of all the paperwork; set up IRS-approved accounts; led me step-by-step through the entire procedure, and even filed the required State agency forms for my LLC.

I now have stable assets in my own-self directed IRA that are out-performing the stock market. I was able to purchase the assets with tax-deferred funds and I am sleeping much better at night. I highly recommend Tom Walker and “Self Directed IRA LLC” to anyone who is considering a Self-Directed IRA. You will enjoy doing business with Tom and his company.

Dan Scanlon

Anaheim, CA

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